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Turnitin FAQ

For Instructors 

How do I get started with Turnitin?

If you are not using Blackboard for your class, contact the library and you will be sent an invite to set up your Instructor account on Please email


If you are using Blackboard, simply access the Assignments tab from the menu bar in the Blackboard page that you want to place your Turnitin assignment in. The drop-down box has a tool for adding a Turnitin assignment:


When will students see the comments, Quickmarks (grammar icons), and Grade that I enter on their papers in Feedback studio?

Students can view their grades, grammar marks and comments, once the post date has passed.  This is a date right after the due date that you chose during assignment set-up. Originality reports processed by Turnitin will be available to students immediately as students submit if you have set up your assignment to allow them to view reports or view and re-submit (recommended). Students will not see your comments and grade until after the post-date has passed Please see our guide for recommended assignment settings. 

In addition to their originality score, students will be able to view the ETS automatic grammar check marks on their papers immediately unless you have turned this option off.  Post dates can be moved up in your assignment settings if you are finished grading earlier than expected

What is ETS erater?

ETS is a machine generated grammar check of the most common errors encountered in student papers.  Students see flags and comments that have thumbnails containing more detailed explanatory content about each individual grammar point.  ETS stands for Educational Testing Service, the institution that develops many standardized tests, such as the GRE.

Why does the color-coded flagging not appear on my student’s originality report, or why has it disappeared?

Typically, when you are viewing a student’s processed report in your Assignment in-box, there are three separate aspects that make up Feedback Studio, represented by the colored Bar on the right side of the page: Red is for the originality report, Blue is for the Grade Mark function whereby you make comments and drag /drop Quickmarks (grammar icons) onto a student’s paper, and the Purple section is for the ETS machine generated grammar markup.  Each of these is represented by a portion of the vertical menu bar on the right side and can be turned on and off by clicking the top portion of each color-coded portion of the banner:


Quickstart Guide to Turnitin