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ENG 100- Chasing Ice (Prof. Lazaroff)

In the fall of 2012, Superstorm Sandy destroyed this home on the New Jersey shoreline.  How might this devastation relate to climate change?

Our Connected Landscape 

In this assignment, you will craft an essay using the documentary Chasing Ice (which we will be viewing in class) and at least three other sources from the options below. In the essay, discuss what photographer James Balog discovers in the film and how melting ice in the arctic and climate change affects our planet. Your other chosen resources should connect with this topic.

We will be reviewing MLA format in class, because you will need to cite your sources in your paper and create a list of Works Cited.

We will be reading, viewing, and reviewing material in the next four weeks in class to help you with this project. You will be developing your own thesis, then use information found in your research to help prove it in the body of the essay. The paper needs to be 1000 words, minimum. Because of the complexity of this assignment, and the fact that we are spending a lot of class time reviewing, this will be worth more than other papers (as indicated on the class information sheet).