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Family History and Genealogy : Library Sources

Databases to Search

Free New York Times Online Subscription


Fill out the form using your ncc student email address.

Searching for Historical Information on the New York Times' Times Machine Page:


Once your account is set up you can log in to For historical information, open the main menu on the New York Times home page:

Click on More at the bottom and then choose Times Machine from the sub-menu:

Try typing a topic in the search bar using keywords:



United States History by the "Decades"

Open up U.S. History Reference works database and use a keyword search to find information about a place, and event, a cultural topic, etc..


Or, from the main search page, you can explore U.S. History through the decades by scrolling down to the American Decades documents menu and choosing a particular time period:


Search All

We can search the library "Search All" search box on the library home page (link below) for information about cities, states, countries, ethnic communities – and also certain topics related to culture, such as religious customs, cuisine, music, sports, etc. You will see eBooks, print books in the library, and articles. You can use these sources to help you learn more about a topic that relates to your family's experience and then you can interview family members about these topics. The combination of  your own research together with personal interviews creates a unique body of information for you project.


Search using keywords or short phrases (not sentences). Try combining terms in the search box, such "Turkey and history" or  "Haiti and Earthquake."

Topics to explore

Family Tree (marriages, births, elders) - think about the journey that your ancestors, parents, etc. have made to bring them to where they are now. What were the life-changing events that made them leave one place or choose their own direction in life. How did your parents meet? 







Religious or Ethnic Holidays or important ceremonies of your family's culture

Life Changing events, such as wars, famine, natural disasters, 

Use the search bar on the library home page to find materials. Try searching with simple keywords or phrases such as "Cuba," 

 "Creole language," "Baptist Church," Civil War."

Library Home Page

Use the search bar above to combine terms such as: India and Arranged Marriage