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Reading Project Help

Help with Library projects for students in Reading classes.

What Is This?

What is a Database?

A database is a collection of articles, book chapters and other information from reliable sources.

Select one of the databases listed in the middle column to locate critical analysis of the work you are examining.

All of the resources in these databases come from magazines, newspapers, journals and books. Although they are delivered through the Internet, they are not considered "Internet Sources" by your professors. 

Articles from the databases may be printed, saved to a drive or emailed for later use.

Using Databases

The library subscribes to many databases you can search to locate articles for your library project.

Each database listed will provide full-text articles from magazines, scholarly journals and magazines. If an article is not available in full-text, try the full-text options link to locate it in another database.  All articles may be printed, emailed or saved on a flash drive.  Most of the databases also provide "My Folder" options that allow you to save your articles for future use.  Check it out!!

Click on the links below to get to the database you wish to use. Use the keywords you identified when you were selecting our topic.  Connect those keywords with AND to find articles that contain both keywords.  For example, to find articles about the use of steroids among athletes, enter the search three words: athletes and steroids.