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ART 203: Prof. Guest's Ritual/Pilgrimage Project: Tips for searching databases

Searching Using Geography

Searching By Geography

Some databases make searching by geography especially easy to do:

ARTstor allows users to search by place and type of item. So users can easily locate maps of specific countries during specific time periods.

History in Context: World allows users to browse for articles by country, culture, events, periods, wars, etc. 


Searching for Articles

When searching for articles on rituals and pilgrimages, you should use an advanced search. The example below is from The Historical New York Times.

An advanced search gives users more search boxes and options.

Other databases, such as Project Muse, are set-up differently. Project Muse does not give users an advanced search option on the homepage.

However, you can search for a broad topic- such as "sanchi stupa"


and then choose "modify search" which will allow you to add a more specific term- such as "worship"