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ECO 208: Prof. Bushati's Classes: Using Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete: Company Information

Business Source Complete is a great resource for finding detailed company information.

Use the drop-down menu under More to access company profiles.

Browse for your company among the company profiles or enter the name at the top of the page.


Once you locate your company's profile, you will be open to open the MarketLine Report.

The MarketLine report provides a wealth of information that can be viewed, saved, printed or emailed.


Business Source Complete: Advanced Searches

Business Source Complete also has an advanced search feature.

The advanced search boxes allow you to narrow your focus to find relevant articles.



When you do an advanced search, the database will retrieve fulltext, relevant articles in html or pdf format.


Printing and Emailing

You can print, save or email documents using the Tools in the Tool box.

The database will even create citations in MLA or APA format.