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SCI 101: Prof. Nocella's Classes: Web Evaluation

Website Evaluation

There is no editor or fact-checker on the web.  You must use your evaluation skills to decide:    


WHO- can you determine  the author or sponsor?

WHAT- is  the information accurate ?

WHEN- what is the date of the posting or last revision?

WHERE- is it coming from a reputable site such as .gov or .edu?

WHY- was it posted to inform and educate or to sell a product or idea?


The domain tells you the source of your website.

.EDU = college or university

.GOV = government agency

.ORG= organization

.COM = commercial website

.NET = network

For reliable information, look for sources with .edu or .gov endings.

Advanced Google Search: What is it?

An advanced Google search allows you to limit the results of your search by using additional information and specific website domains. You should enter a domain such as .gov (government) or .edu (education) in the site or domain box shown below.