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Lessons from the Holocaust: A New Generation Speaks Truth to Power

General Websites

Curriculum and Resources for Educators

USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History:

USC Shoah Foundation/iWitness: “100 Days to Inspire Respect” 

USC Shoah Foundation: [includes testimonies from the Holocaust, Rwandan Genocide, Armenian Genocide, Nanjing Massacre, Rwandan Genocide, Guatemalan Genocide 

Holocaust Rescuers

Jewish Foundation for the Righteous:

Yad Vashem:


Jewish Partisan Education Foundation:

Upstanders & Genocide Prevention

Not in Our Town/College:


End Genocide:

Connections between today’s immigration issues and the Holocaust: Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas and Jonathan Ryan, Executive Dir., Refugee & Immigrant Center, 2:52 mins

Ten Stages of Genocide & Prevention/Genocide Watch:

Genocide Prevention Task Force/United States Institute of Peace:

United to End Genocide: 

Film/USHMM, Rwandan Genocide: Defying Genocide

Film/USHMM, Darfur Genocide: Staring Genocide in the Face and In Darfur, My Camera Was Not Nearly Enough

U.S. Policy: Genocide Prevention Task Force Report:

U.S. Policy: Responsibility to Protect Working Group Report:

*Courtesy of Beth Lilach, Senior Director of Education and Community Affairs at the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center