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Philosophy 101: Professor Pecorino @ NCC: Cite Your Sources

What is Citation?

A citation is a way to give credit to the people whose words or ideas you use.

In the body of your paper, note the sources of your quotes or paraphrases with in-text references. See the tab above for more on that.

At the end of your paper, include a list of your sources in correct citation style.

Follow the General Guidelines tabs for the basic rules for formatting your paper.

How many Styles Are There?

There are several standard styles. The ones most often used at NCC are MLA and APA.

MLA is used for humanities such as English, Philosophy, Reading etc.

APA is used for social sciences such as History, Sociology, Psychology as well as sciences such as Nursing and  Allied Health.

Ask your instructor which style to use.

For more in-depth citation help and information regarding Turnitin, please visit NCC"s Citation LibGuide