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Careers: Useful Websites

Find information for career exploration.

Government Websites


Government Sites

These websites come from national, state and local government agencies:

Commercial Websites


Commercial Sites

Find career and industry information from these websites:

Career Specific Sites

NCC's Career Counseling Center provides students with additional links to websites that focus on specific jobs/ areas of interest. Use the link below and then click on career specific sites to view them:


Evaluating Websites

Before you use material from the Internet, evaluate the site

  • WHO- is the author or sponsor? Is it a reliable person, site?
  • WHAT- information is provided? Does it match other information from valid sources?
  • WHEN- was the information posted/ updated? Is it current?
  • WHERE- does the information come from?  Is it a reputable source such as .edu or .gov?
  • WHY- is the information there? Is it there to inform and educate without bias?