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Fake News: What can you do?

Be Skeptical

Before you believe something from a non-traditional news source, make sure you Google the subject and see if other sources are reporting something similar. 


Fake News Relies on Social Media

Fake news relies on social media to spread. Channels such as Facebook and Twitter make it easy to share information.  It is through these shares that fake news authors make money or perpetuate the misinformation they are spreading.

There are a few ways to fight the spread of fake news and more are constantly being developed. 

The first is simply not to share the information.  Use the tips to spot fake news.  Be skeptical of what you are reading, particularly if it is not coming from a source the places truth in reporting over the need to make information go viral.

The second is to report the fake news to Facebook.  Reporting the information to Facebook lets them know that they should take a look at the content and possibly remove it.  By clicking on the down arrow at the top right of the post, you will see an option to to "Report this Post."

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