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Bio116: Human Genetics: Videos

DNA- Nova


Nova: Cracking the Code of Life

Chapter 1: Instructions for a Human Being

Chapter 2: Getting the Letters Out

Chapter 3: One Wrong Letter (Tay Sachs)

Chapter 4: The Sequencing Race Begins

Chapter 5: Ramping Up

Chapter 6: Genetic Variation

Chapter 7: Who Owns the Genome?

Chapter 8: The Business of Science

Chapter 9: Finding Cures is Hard (Cystic Fibrosis)

Chapter 10: Complexity in Proteins

Chapter 11: The Finish Line

Chapter 12: Finding Disease Genes (DECODE)


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories Animations

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories Animations

For PCR animation go to: Manipulation >Techniques > Amplifying

For DNA Fingerprints go to:  Applications > Human Identification > Murder  and: Applications > Human Identification > Innocence

Reproductive Technology

Reproductive Technology

Never too old:

Human Evolution and Migration

Human Evolution and Migration

The Journey of Man:

12:00 San people of Kalahari desert;

14:30 genetics of y-chromosomal inheritance;

42:38 Search for genetic marker in India;

1:14:20 Kazakhstan;

1:28:00 Chukchis;

1:38:00 Migration to the America

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