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ENG 103 Writing in the Sciences: Databases

What is a database?

Electronic databases are a collection of data, or information, specially organized for rapid search and retrieval by a computer. NCC's provides several for student and faculty use.  Listed here are a few related to the sciences.  For a complete listing of NCC's database, click here.

If you are logging in from off-campus, please note that you will need your N# and password.   

Library Databases Related to Writing in the Sciences:

Databases are ideal for searching the journal literature because:

  • They include hundreds of journals, so you search through thousands of articles at once.
  • Some databases are general or interdisciplinary and provide broad coverage of many topics, while others are subject-specific and cover one field in-depth.
  • Databases vary in content and may include more than just journal articles; conference proceedings, book chapters, theses, or technical reports may also be covered.
  • Article databases cover differing periods of time, so check date ranges.