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Sexual Harassment Education: NCC Designated Counselors

A comprehensive resource guide highlighting the work of Nassau Community College's Sexual Harassment Education Subcommittee of the Affirmative Action Committee.

ADA Officer

Equity Inclusion and Affirmation Action

Affirmative Action Officer:

Craig Wright, MS, CAAP

Associate Vice-President

ADA/540 Officer

Tower 818

Phone: 572-7121 

           ext. 24030

Designated Investigative Officer (DIO)

Designated Investigative Officers (DIO)


*Donna Bacon, Associate Professor

Health/Physical Ed/Recreation

515-572-7537 ext. 26621


*Nilda Garcia, Grant Advisor

358 Davis Avenue

516-572-3573 ext. 25861



Designated Counselors

Name Dept. Room Number Telephone Number
Miriam Afikhani-Ramirez SPS M-10    572-7698 ext. 25503
Rich Ashker    SPS U-104    572-7241 ext. 25533
Nancy Barker    Sociology G-382 572-7452 ext. 25147
Patricia Halcrow    Sociology G-386 572-7452 ext. 25145
Phyllis Kurland SPS CCB-153 572-7148
Vanjie Manjares Veterans Affairs Tower-Plaza 572-9775 ext. 24940
Diana Milillo Psychology G-350 572-7458 ext. 25007
Laura Sidorowicz Psychology G-334 572-7548 ext. 25014
Andrina Veit Cleveland HPER HPER-233 572-7518 ext. 26628
Delores Smalls SPS M-19 572-7141 ext. 25527
Tina Wynder Health & Safety 352 Harmon Ave. 572-7771 ext. 25825
Craig Wright Affirmative Action Officer Tower-818 572-7121
NCC Public Safety     572-7100

What are Designated Counselors?

The designated counselors:

1. shall provide education and counseling support, as appropriate, to members of the college community seeking information and/or help with sexual harassment issues;

2. may act as a facilitator on behalf of the complainant;

3. shall inform complainants of their options under this sexual harassment policy;

4. shall offer supportive counseling;

5. shall assist complainants throughout their decision-making process and in the resolution of the complainants' concerns;

6. shall accompany complainants to meetings arranged by the AAO or DIO if so requested by the complainants. She/he may lend support, but not act as legal counsel.