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BUS 110: Company Research Project

Quick Links to Company Info

You can find SWOT reportsfinancial history and investment reports on your company in the 

Business Insights: Essentials database

Enter the name of your company into the search box and make sure to indicate that it is the company name in the drop down list on the left.

When your company information displays, you will see links to: financials, investment reports and SWOT reports.


Using the Business Insights: Essentials Database

Business Insights: Essentials is a database which will help you to find and analyze your research results on a specific business.

Select advanced search:

Type in the name of the company you have selected and use the drop-down list on the right to indicate that it is the company. Then type something such as corporate responsibility and use the drop-down list at the right to indicate that what you have typed is a keyword:

Further down this page, you will have the option to limit to only full text material and to indicate that you would like articles:


Once you are reviewing the results, make sure to pay attention to which items are industry rankings:

and which are articles:

Once you open an article, you will see that you have options at the top of the page for saving, citing, printing, etc.