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BUS 110: Company Research Project

SWOT Analysis


To find a SWOT analysis in Business Source Complete, select company information from the top of the database:

Enter the name of your company into the search box and hit search. When the results are displayed, you will see a link to the SWOT analysis on the right side of the page.



Company Profile

Business Source Complete also gives you easy access to company profiles.

Using the Business Source Complete Database

Business Source Complete is a great source for articles about a company or a company profile. 

Select advanced search. 

This will allow you to be specific about the information you need.

Remember- you NEVER use full sentences in the databases. Simply type the key terms, such as: the company's name and social responsibility.


When viewing your results, look at the options on the left side of the page. You should select full text to ensure that you have immediate access to the article. You may also want to narrow down the date range so that you are looking at current information. 

To view the full text of an article, select either HTML full text or PDF full text. You may have an option for both or just one:

Once you open the article, use the tools on the right side of the page to: save, print, email or cite the information.