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NCC Library COVID Services Guide

Resources to assist students, faculty and the public with social distancing and distance learning measures

Free Wifi

This article from the Daily News, March 15, 2020, lists different Internet provide who are providing free WiFi for those who need it.‚Äč

Altice (formerly Cablevision) is offering a free internet product for households currently without Internet access. If your household is eligible and interested in enrolling, call 866-200-9522.  Through the prompts, select New Customer / New Service / New Internet.

When households call, please indicate that you are calling about "free Internet service".  Households will be asked to vouch that they have a K-12 or college student residing in the household and do not currently have Internet access.  There is no installation fee or out of pocket costs for 60 days (as of March 18, 2020).  If the address of the household has an outstanding balance from another account, there is a chance that your request may be denied unless the balance can be paid.  

** Note that this information changes frequently.  If you are looking for low cost or WiFi access and need assistance, please chat with a librarian.