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NCC Library COVID Services Guide

Resources to assist students, faculty and the public with social distancing and distance learning measures
1) If you are worried about eating or if you normally depended on the campus food bank for meals, please note that there are other resources: 
If you go to the Island Harvest website, you can plug-in your zip code and you will see a map, as well as a listing, indicating food pantries and soup kitchens operating in your community.
This is the link:
 If you go to the Long Island Cares website and scroll down, you can again enter your zip code.
From the drop-down menu you can search for either food pantries or soup kitchens near you.
This is the link:
As soon as the campus re-opens for classes, or we are given permission to open the doors of The NEST, we will be able to again serve you.  Please keep an eye on our website, the portal, and our social media accounts for updates.
2) Long Island restaurants offering free meals: