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BUS110- Levine: Finding Company Social Responsibility Information

AVL – Corporate Social Responsibility - AVL – Corporate Social  Responsibility - Corporate Social Responsibility -

Shareholder Pages of Company Websites

You can use Google or any other search engine to find information about corporations.  Since a company's webpages are the internet mouthpiece of a corporation, if you visit it directly, it will be primary source material for your project.  Corporations usually have a consumer page (for purchasing goods and services) and an investor page (sometimes called "investor relations"). The investor page is usually where you will find the information related to social responsibility.  

Social responsibility goes by many different names, or is specific to a cause: the environment, a commitment to pay living wages, or any manner of causes the corporation deems important.  It will be considered social responsibility so long as it is for the good of humanity (as opposed to profit or cost cutting measures).

To find an investor page, just Google the name of the corporation (make sure you know the actual name and not the product name and add "Investor information". 

If you cannot find it from there, contact a librarian via chat.  

Websites about Corporate Social Responsibility