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Literary Criticism: Finding Books and Videos

This guide will help you locate critical analysis and interpretation.

Using the Search feature

Using the search feature type in your search credentials such as the author, title, or subject of a book. Limit the results to books and media.


The results list will display the books we own on the subject. The Call Number tells you where the book may be found on the shelves. In our Library, Call Numbers that start A-N are on the Second Floor while those starting P-Z are on the Third Floor.

First, locate the range of books with the first two letters of the Call Number then the whole number that follows.

For instance, to locate the first book on this results list below, find the range of books that start with the letters PS.

Next, look for the books with the whole number 3511 after the PS.

After that, look for the books with .I9 after PS 3511.

Finally, follow the remaining letters and numbers in the Call Number until you have the exact book you want.


Once you have found the books you need, take them downstairs to the Checkout Desk. With your NCC ID you may borrow the books. 



There are books of criticism in eBook form. To search for an eBook, use the advanced search in the search box. Enter your search terms. Under Document type, select "ebook." 

Once the list of results is returned, click on the link to view the book online.

eBooks are also available directly through the Gale Virtual Reference Library Database and through the EBSCO Academic EBook database.

To Use the GVRL, click on Literature in the Subjects category. Then do a keyword search within Literature to locate ebooks about a particular author or work.


To use the EBSCO eBook database, enter your search terms. Example Hurston and Criticism. Click on the Table of Contents and then the Index to find the relevant pages.

Films On Demand

Some literary analysis is available on video in our streaming media database, Films On Demand.