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Turnitin Through Blackboard (Handout for Students)

Citing Your Sources Properly is the Key to an Acceptable Turnitin Report

Turnitin simply locates instances in your paper that match work that others have already published. Properly citing these portions is extremely important, meaning that you are giving credit to the authors whose work you have included in your paper. There are different formats for this, and the most common are MLA format and APA format.

First, make sure that you understand the citation format the you are using for the class (MLA, APA, or other); next refer to our citation guide for more information on how to cite sources used in the body of your paper and also the full citation that must be included on your Works Cited or References page at the end of you research paper;

Here is the link for the NCC Citation Guide:

Below is a quick video about citing sources.

Also, the Purdue Owl online Writing Lab has excellent chapters on everything involved in writing a paper and citing sources in MLA or APA format. See the table of contents for the MLA and APA guides:


Avoiding Plagiarism