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This guide provides important information for anyone using Turnitin at Nassau Community College.

It provides information for new users, current users and anyone who wants to know more about this web-based software program. Use the tabs at the top of the page to locate information about using Turnitin as a faculty member or student.

If you are a Faculty member who would like to start using Turniitin, please contact and refer to the Faculty Tab at the top of this page.

If you are a Student who would like more information about using Turnitin, please refer to the Student Tab at the top of this page.




Answers to Common Questions for Students

I'm having trouble setting up my student account on Turnitin:

First, if your class is on Blackboard, your Turnitin assignment should be in your online class. If you can’t find it, check with your Instructor to see if it has been entered yet. You do not have to set up an account with Turnitin if your class is on Blackboard.

If your class is not on Blackboard, your Instructor will give you a class ID number (8 digits) and an enrollment key (password)  - usually as single word that is case sensitive. Take these items, go to and choose Create Account, then choose Student Account and fill out the registration form. The form will ask you for the class ID # and password in order for you to join. Next, you will have a student home page and see your class listed there.

If you are still having trouble, double-check with your Instructor to make sure that you have the correct Class ID # and the correct enrollment key for your class.

I’m having trouble submitting my assignment to Turnitin:

If your class is using Blackboard, simply locate the Turnitin Assignment in your online class and use the View/Complete button to upload a paper or to view Turnitin reports if your instructor is allowing you to view them after they have been processed by Turnitin:


If your class is not using Blackboard, you simply log into your Turnitin student account and find the Assignment Submission button:





Please note: only digital papers can be uploaded to Turnitin (Turnitin does not accept scanned papers or pictures of papers): the easiest way to submit is via a file on your computer, Google Drive, or Drop Box. If needed, you can also cut and paste the text of your paper from a document by clicking the drop-down box under "Single File Upload" after you click "Submit" and switching to "Cut & Paste."



When can I view my originality report?


If your instructor has set up your assignment to allow you to view your Turnitin Originality report, you will see a percentage score once your paper has been processed by Turnitin.  You can click on this to open up your processed report. Check with you instructor to clarify how and when you can view reports. If you see a Resubmit button next to a Turnitin report, this means that you can resubmit your paper up until the due date and replace the current one and get a new score from Turnitin.



For more information about using Turnitin, please refer to the videos on the Student Tab of this guide.