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ART 201: Prof. Guest's Archeology Project: Streaming Videos

The NCC library has several options for streaming videos.  The following streaming videos are from the Films on Demand database:

The explore team visits the tomb of the Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses, where there is a ceramic army of as many as 8,000 life-sized, intricately carved statues modeled after Emperor Qin's army.


In this video Dr Zahi Hawass is examining an Old Kingdom mummy found quite by accident in a tomb at Saqqara. Dr Hawass explains the mummification process and why each stage was carried out, as well as why the heart was left inside the body.Saqqara, Egypt as his team prepare to open a limestone sarcophagus for the first time, with its contents unknown.


More Videos

There are some wonderful videos available on YouTube that allow you to view museums and works of art that you might not otherwise get to see. However, please remember to evaluate the sources of the videos to ensure that the information is accurate.

You may want to look for videos that: originally aired on television, were produced by a museum or created by an authority on archeology or art history.