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Physical Therapy/Physical Therapy Assistant: Special Features in Databases

Personal Folder Instructions

Most databases now offer personal accounts.  These allow users to save and retrieve articles remotely, save search histories, create alerts, organize favorite articles and share with others.

The links below provide information for individual databases.



In Advanced Searc, limit your search to Journals and then limit your document to Research Articles.  Your results will be research articles.

Article Types in ScienceDirect


Special Features in Databases

CINAHL includes evidence-based care sheets, quick lessons and images. Create a user login and you can save material in personal folders for later use.


The Nursing Reference Center includes an online library of searchable books in digital format. These include Taber's, Davis's Drug Guide and others shown below.

 Click on the Practice Resources tab in the Nursing Resource Center database to access each book.

 The database also has information on diseases, skills and procedures, drug information, patient education sheets with diagrams, practice resources and continuing education lessons. As with all EBSCO databases, you may use your personal folders to save information for later use.


Gale Health and Medicine

Health and Medicine and all Gale/Cengage databases provide relevant current videos, audio-podcasts and book references. Click on the Results links.


All Databases

All databases may be used from home. You will need your N# and PIN.

Which Database?

Which database was most helpful?

Which Database?
CINAHL: 2 votes (50%)
ScienceDirect: 0 votes (0%)
Nursing Reference Center: 1 votes (25%)
Health Source Nursing: Academic: 0 votes (0%)
New England Journal of Medicine: 1 votes (25%)
Health Reference Center Academic: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 4