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Reading 002 Project: Narrowing and Keywords

Narrow Your Topic

Here are some examples of narrower topics in Social Justice:

1. Research Question: What is racism?

Main Subject: Racism

Narrower topic #1 : Racism in the military

Narrower topic #2: Preventing  discrimination against ____( any religious or ethnic group.)

Narrower topic # 3: Cyberbullying among teens

2. Research Question: How are children exploited?

Main Subject:  Child labor

Narrower topic #1 : How can we end child labor?

Narrow topic #2: What are the effects of child labor?

Narrower topic #3: How are children used as soldiers?

3. Research Question: What is global warming?

Main Subject: Climate change

Narrower topic #1: What are the effects of climate change?

Narrower topic #2: How can we prevent climate change ?

Narrower topic #3: Which species have become endangered by climate change?


Identify Keywords

Here are some examples of keywords for the topics on the left.


racism, discrimination, hate crimes, sexism, crimes against _____,

bullying, cyberbullying, antisemitism, workplace discrimination,

cause, effect, prevention,  issues, analysis



child labor, sweatshops, unfair labor, children, factories,

child soldiers, cause, effect, prevention, issues, analysis



 # 3.

climate change, global warming, weather disasters, extreme weather, floods

endangered species, polar bears, effect, cause, prevention, issues,

controversy, analysis