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ECO 207: Prof. Bushati's Classes: Finding Books in NASCAT

Finding Books

Use SearchAll, our online Library Catalog, to locate books for your project.

You can use the SearchAll box on the Library homepage at

In the SearchAll box, enter your search terms and select Books and Media from the drop down menu. Ex. Global Warming.



The results list will display the books we own on the subject. The Call Number tells you where the book may be found on the shelves. In our Library, Call Numbers that start A-N are on the Second Floor while those starting P-Z are on the Third Floor.

First locate the range of books with the first two letters of the Call Number then the whole number that follows.

For instance, to locate the first book on this results list below, find the range of books that start with the letters PS.

Next, look for the books with the whole number 3511 after the PS.

After that, look for the books with .I9 after PS 3511.

Finally, follow the remaining letters and numbers in the Call Number until you have the exact book you want.

Always click on the Availability link to make sure the book is on the shelves and not checked out to another user.

Once you have found the books you need, take them downstairs to the Checkout Desk. With your NCC ID you may borrow the books.

NASCAT Library Catalog Search

Use this quick search box to locate books and videos in our catalog.  

Words Adjacent?

When searching NASCAT, you will see the following option:

This essentially means- do you want to keep your search terms together?

For example: If you search for "modern art" you would want to select "yes" and keep your words adjacent. This would ensure that the catalog only showed you items about modern art.

If you selected no, then the catalog would search for every item that contained the words modern or art. So your results would include: modern poetry, modern dress, modern civilization, etc. and everything that included the word art.