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Muslim Journeys: Books, Ebooks and Videos @ NCC Library



Ebooks are available off-campus to members of the College community and on-campus to all residents.

     Islam and Muslims         

   Mark J.Sedgwick Intercultural Press. 2006. eBook. 271p.         


 Islam Means Peace

Amitabh Pal. Praeger. 2011. eBook. 290p.



 Art and Architecture in the Islamic Tradition

  Mohammed Hamdouni Alami. In: Library of Modern Middle East studies ; 104. I.B. Tauris. 2011. eBook. 305p.

 Islam and Modernity

 Muhammad Khalid MasudArmando Salvatore, , Martin Van BruinessenEdinburgh University Press. 2009. eBook. 305p.

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Films On Demand Videos

Films On Demand videos are available off -campus to members of the College community and on-campus to all residents.

NOW with Bill Moyers: Zaid Shakir on Being Muslim in America

This program captures a spirited discussion between Bill Moyers and Imam Zaid Shakir, who details his experiences as both a Muslim and an American in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. In addition, Imam Zaid describes the structure and comprehensiveness of Islam, the compatibility of core Islamic and American values, and the tragic misuse of Islam as justification for terrorism(31 minutes)

 Islam: Empire of Faith

From the birth of the prophet Muhammad to the zenith of power wielded by the Ottoman Turks, this three-partEmpires series tells the spectacular story of the rise of Islam during its first 1,000 years. Detailed reenactments and stunning visuals of Islamic art, artifacts, and architecture are combined with interviews that feature leading scholars from around the globe. Distributed by PBS Distribution. 3-part series, 51-54 minutes each.