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ENG 265: Modern American Poetry, Prof. Venkateswaran: Books and Ebooks

Biographies and Criticism: Print

Knowing about the life of a poet offers insight into his or her writing. Here are some representative biographies.

Critical Analysis uncovers themes, imagry and meaning.

Books are arranged by call numbers. Those  beginning with the letter P are on the third floor.

Once you locate the area, browse the shelves for similar items.

Working With EBSCO eBooks

Once you search for EBSCO eBooks, you can

  1. Read the full Text on your computer
  2. Download the text to your device
  3. Browse the Table of Contents and review a chapter.

You must create a free EBSCO account to download a book. 

Once the loan period is up, you will no longer have access to your EBSCO ebook.