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Halloween in History

This guide will provide you with an array of resources for beginning your research into the origins of the holiday that we know as Halloween!

What is Citation?

A citation is a way to give credit to the people whose words or ideas you use.

In the body of your paper, note the sources of your quotes or paraphrases with in-text references. See the tab above for more on that.

At the end of your paper, include a list of your sources in correct citation style.

Follow the General Guidelines tabs for the basic rules for formatting your paper.

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MLA Citation Help

Are you using another person's ideas or quoting from the original work itself?

  • Both are great ways to make your points.
  • Both require giving credit to the author. 

Use in-text notation after a quote or paraphrase.

List the author and work on your Works Cited page.

Check the MLA handout and the links below. 

KnightCite Citation Generator from Calvin College Library

EasyBib Citation Generator

NCC Writing Center

Purdue University Online Writing Lab MLA Formats

Turnitin and Plagiarism

Is your professor using Turnitin? Click on the first link to our Turnitin LibGuide!

Want to test your understanding of plagiarism? Click on the second link to try the plagiarism game!

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