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ENG 102: "The Alchemist" Prof. Saxena's classes: Tips for Searching NASCAT

A guide to library resources covering Paulo Coelho's novel The Alchemist

Searching for Authors in NASCAT

When searching for books on a given topic, such as "alchemy" or "Doaism" in NASCAT, use the drop down menu and choose Words in Subject or Subject begins with ... to search for books on different topics:

If your topic doesn't show up when searching by subject, try searching your term in "Words anywhere" (example: "Daoism"):

Open a book record to see if your terms appear in the abstract or table of contents, etc.



Words Adjacent?

When searching NASCAT, you will see the following option:

This essentially means- do you want to keep your search terms together?

For example: If you search for "science fiction" you would want to select "yes" and keep your words adjacent. This would ensure that the catalog only showed you items about science fiction.

If you selected no, then the catalog would search for every item that contained the words science or fiction. So your results would include books and videos about political science, social science, computer science, non-fiction, etc.