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Local History

The New York Public Library

The New York Public Library is a great resource as well- especially if you are looking for articles written before 1860. 

Every person who lives, works or goes to school in New York can get a New York Public Library card. That means that all NCC students are eligible! 

You can apply for a card in person or you can apply for a card online. You can validate your card in-person and now you can also validate your card by scanning the required forms of identification and emailing it to the library.

There are many branches of the New York Public Library that you can visit.

Once you have a valid NYPL card, you can use databases such as: American Periodicals (1740-1940), American History, and Crime, Punishment and Popular Culture.

If you have questions, please contact me using the information in my profile box (in the Additional Help tab) or call the NYPL @ 917-ASK-NYPL/ 917-275-6975.


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