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eBooks and Mobile Options: Downloading OverDrive Content

Downloading OverDrive Content

OverDrive allows you to download eBooks and Audiobooks to your computer or to a compatible mobile device.

You can check out and download the following types of digital materials: 

  • OverDrive Read (OverDrive's ereader software)
  • Kindle Books 
  • EPUB eBooks
  • PDF eBooks
  • Open EPUB eBooks
  • Open PDF eBooks
  • MP3 Audiobooks
  • WMA Audiobooks

To download, you must  sign in with your NCC credentials.  


Search the available titles and select the item you wish to download.

Many required, non-textbook reserve items are available through NCC OverDrive ebooks!


OverDrive Read, included with the book,  is software that works with most devices.


Click and hold on a word for a definition.


OverDrive Read compatible devices.    Note: This is not a complete list

  • Android v2.3+ (best with Chrome)
    Example: Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus devices

  • BlackBerry Playbook OS

  • iOS v5.0+
    Example: iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

  • Kindle Fire HD

  • Kobo Vox and Arc (best with Chrome)

  • Linux (best with Chrome)
    Example: Ubuntu and Fedora

  • Mac OSX (best with Chrome)

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (best with Chrome)

  • Windows RT

  • Windows Phone 8


Searching in OverDrive

Once you have logged in to OverDrive with your credentials, you can search by title, keyword or category. Advanced Search allows for more options such as author and title. 


To view a book, click on the cover.



The available formats will be displayed.  Click on the Borrow button to check out the book for 7 days. At the end of 7 days the book will be returned automatically  to the OverDrive Library. There are never any late fees with eBooks!


If you choose Kindle Book you will be brought to the Amazon store where you will "buy" the eBook from the Library. You must have an Amazon account but there is no charge for Kindle Library books.  You may then send it to all enabled devices, such as your iPad. 

OverDrive Tutorials and Videos


For more information about how to use OverDrive, consult these links.