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ECO/FIN 111: Prof. Ayala's Classes

Value Line Investment Research


Value Line Investment Research provides analysis of 1,700 of the most actively traded U.S. exchange-listed stocks is a comprehensive and multifaceted investment management solution used to formulate sound investment strategies and identify timely opportunities.

Individual stock reports include important Timeliness and Safety Rank changes, and updated beta, current and estimated P/E ratios, estimated yield in next 12 months, estimated earnings and dividends and high-value screens that reveal the best investment opportunities.

Find information by Company

Enter the name or symbol for your company in the search box at the top of the Value Line database homepage.

You will get a research report with a summary and index.

To view more detailed info, scroll to the bottom of this page and look for the Value Line PDF Reports.

Select a report and click on the PDF to open it. 

(Value Line Reports are extremely detailed. For an in-depth explanation of all aspects of the report, see the PDF document at the bottom of this page.)

Viewing Value Line's Financial Data 


For financial ratios in the value line report, you will focus primarily on the two areas marked below.

The areas indicated below in yellow and blue show the average annual P/E ratio and the relative (annual) P/E ratio.