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ECO/FIN 111: Prof. Ayala's Classes

Advanced Searches

Advanced Searches in Business Insights: Essentials

Business Insights: Essentials allows users to do advanced searches to find specific information about a company or industry.

Select advanced search:

Type in the name of the company you have selected and use the drop-down list on the right to indicate that it is the company. Then type something such as corporate responsibility and use the drop-down list at the right to indicate that what you have typed is a keyword. The example below uses "social responsibility" as the keyword:

Further down this page, you will have the option to limit to only full-text material and to indicate that you would like articles:


Once you are reviewing the results, make sure to pay attention to which items are industry rankings:

and which are articles:

Once you open an article, you will see that you have options at the top of the page for saving, citing, printing, etc.