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Callings: the Purpose and Passion of Work (Common Text 2020-2021)

Resources related to assignments and classwork for the 2020-2021 Campus Common Read Text.

All are Welcome to Participate in this Year's Virtual Common Read Book Event!

Join Our Virtual Campus-wide Common Read Event!

This Year's Common Read is:

Callings: the Purpose and Passion of Work by Dave Isay

Many classes on campus center assignments, class discussion, and various creative projects around the themes that are presented by the common read book. The book, Callings, the Purpose and Passion of Work, features the personal

stories of people from all walks of life discussing their career journeys and those of their relatives and heroes.

 Starting in March 2021, as part of a shared Book Event, we invite students, faculty, and staff from our NCC family to contribute their own stories via a convenient link on our Find Your Purpose; Live Your Passion wallboard.

Click Here to Share Your Story

You can post by clicking on the pink plus sign.  Options to upload, post, and create a video or audio file are located at the bottom of your post or the 3 dots on the task bar.  



Sample some of the stories from the people featured in the book at this page:


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