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Tell Me Who You Are (Common Text 2021-2022)

Where is this book?

Call Numbers

The Call Number tells you where print books may be found on the shelves. In our Library, Call Numbers that start A-N are on the Second Floor while those starting P-Z are on the Third Floor.

Always click on the Availability link to make sure the book is on the shelves and not checked out to another user.

Once you have found the books you need, take them downstairs to the Checkout Desk. With your NCC ID you may borrow the books for three weeks.


Books referring to cloudLibrary can be found by searching the NCC eBook landing page for cloudLibrary.


Or, simply click on the title of the book on this page, which should bring you to the record for that title. 

To borrow an eBook or Audio (MP3) book, simply log in with your N#.


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