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Tell Me Who You Are (Common Text 2021-2022)

Research Topics Related to Tell Me Who You Are

Set up your free New York Times online account!

As a member of the NCC Community, you are eligible for a free online subscription to the New York Times. Simply follow the steps at this link:

New York Times

From there, you can browse current events by topic, or research America's racial past by searching the New York Times issues throughout the history of the newspaper.


Library Databases

Research on racism in the United States:

White Supremacy

Civil Rights Movement




Japanese Internment 


Racial quotas

Chinese Exclusion Act

Focus on certain groups (combine with "racism" or research "anti-Asian" or "anti-Latino" racism)

Native Americans

Alaskan Natives


African Americans

Latina and Latino Americans

Asian Americans



Visualizing Race In America

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