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Artifical Intelligence : eBooks

Info & resources on AI for faculty, staff & students at NCC


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Models, Algorithms and Applications presents focused information about applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in different areas to solve complex problems. The book presents 8 chapters that demonstrate AI based systems for vessel tracking, mental health assessment, radiology, instrumentation, business intelligence, education and criminology. The book concludes with a chapter on mathematical models of neural networks.The book serves as an introductory book about AI applications at undergraduate and graduate levels and as a reference for industry professionals working with AI based systems.

Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Green Power Technology

The aim of this book is to explore the feasible solutions of various issues related to performance of green power technologies with the help of proven artificial intelligence techniques. Issues related to performance, wind energy conversion systems, micro/pico hydropower generation systems, fuel cell systems, and other emerging green power technologies are covered. Also, challenges in distributed energy generating systems and other relevant issues are covered.

Artificial Intelligence

A global perspective on AI AI is much more than just a simple tool powering our smartphones or allowing us to ask Alexa about the latest cinema times. There are untold how-to books on AI technology, replete with methods to improve and advance the statistics and algorithms of AI; however, the social, ethical and security impacts are often at best a secondary consideration - if discussed at all. This book explores the complex topic of AI ethics in a cross-functional way, alternating between theory and practice. Practical and recent events, and their associated challenges, are presented, such as the collateral effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the application of AI technologies. The book also gives an up-to-date overview of the potential positive and negative outcomes of AI implementations together with an analysis of AI from an ethical perspective. Before you dive into a world populated with AI, read this book to understand the associated ethical challenges of AI technologies.

AI Smart Kit

There are many myths about Artificial Intelligence (AI) relating to what it is and what it can and cannot do. AI touches on many ethical concepts - data privacy, validity, and, more importantly, its potential misuse. AI often replaces human decision-making, as managers do not clearly understand the implications of those choices. This book provides an easy and accessible guide for practitioners without a technological background to understand AI. It guides the reader through the fundamental issues confronting decision-makers. It offers advice on 'how to ask relevant questions' using the 15 decision scales. There is currently no comparable book on the market that acts as a pocketbook management reference guide for the AI layman.

AI in Fashion Industry

AI in Fashion Industry discusses recent developments in fashion forecasting, developing a 'framework of AI-based fashion forecasting' and validates the framework with a qualitative case study of the world's first fashion intelligence company based in Bengaluru, India. This book studies the relationship between fashion and social media engagement of consumers, before moving on to create a 'conceptual framework of fashion e-forecasting.' The case study addresses the forecasting-based business problem of a family-owned fashion retail business. This book is unique, suggesting a novel method of fashion product development in the light of data-driven intelligence; documenting some of the rapid developments in the field with the onset of technology and addressing some of the fundamental questions that are becoming more relevant in recent years.