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ChatGPT: Friend or Foe?


Time 100/AI

What is unique about AI is also what is most feared and celebrated—its ability to match some of our own skills, and then to go further, accomplishing what humans cannot. AI’s capacity to model itself on human behavior has become its defining feature. Yet behind every advance in machine learning and large language models are, in fact, people—both the often obscured human labor that makes large language models safer to use, and the individuals who make critical decisions on when and how to best use this technology. Reporting on people and influence is what TIME does best. That led us to the TIME100 AI.

AI Teaching Strategies: Having Conversations with Students

From The Ohio State University: Generative AI is an increasingly important topic to discuss in learning environments. The still emerging technology is likely to have transformative effects on higher education, students’ future careers, and society as a whole. As educators, we have a responsibility to approach conversations about generative AI with care and intentionality. This guide will acquaint you with generative AI, address some of the concerns around its educational uses, and provide concrete suggestions for how to openly and effectively discuss AI with your students.

Educause: AI in Education