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NCC 101: Immigration Assignment: Finding Magazine Articles

Finding Magazine Articles

A Database is a collection of articles, book chapters and other information from reliable sources. The library subscribes to many excellent databases you can search to locate articles for your library project.

Select one of the databases listed below to locate a magazine article. All of the resources in these databases come from reliable publications.  Although they are delivered through the Internet, they are not considered "Internet Sources" by your professors. 

 All articles may be printed, emailed or saved on a flash drive.

What is a Magazine Article?

Popular magazines have these qualities:

  1. Magazines have glossy pages, photos and advertisements.
  2. Articles are written in a style that everyone can understand.
  3. Articles are usually 1-5 pages.
  4. Material in the articles is reliable and accurate because is is checked by editors and fact-checkers. 
  5. Writers are journalists who may focus on a subject or may cover many areas.

 Some useful magazines for current topics include,

  • Time
  • Newsweek
  • US News & World Report
  • The Nation                                                 

Magazines for business include,

  •  Forbes                         
  •  INC
  • Fortune
  • Money

Other popular magazines include,                

  • Sports Illustrated                               
  • Latina
  • Essence
  • Psychology Today

How to search and Limit Results

To help narrow your search do an Advanced Search. Click on Advanced Search. Enter your keywords using the AND connector. The database will look for articles that contain all of your key words.

Here is an example from Academic Search Complete:

Your results will include articles from magazines, newspapers and journals. To limit your results to magazine articles only, use the limit box on the left of the screen. Check Magazines and then click update.  The remaining results will all be magazine articles.