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NCC 101: Immigration Assignment: Finding Books

Finding Books

Use NASCAT, our online Library Catalog, to locate books for your assignment.

You can use this link or use the link on the Library homepage.

On the main search screen, select Words in Subject and enter your main topic- such as immigration.


The results list will display the books and videos that we own on the subject.

Always click on the Availability link to make sure a book or video is on the shelves and not checked out to another student.

Once you have found the books you need, take them to the Checkout Desk. With your NCC ID you may borrow circulating books for three weeks.

Where are the Books?

All books and videos are shelved together by subject. Each item is given a call number. In our library,

  • Books and videos with call numbers A-N are on the 2nd floor.
  • Books and videos with call numbers P-Z are on the 3rd floor.
  • Reference books are on the 1st floor.
  • Reserve items are on the 1st floor in L 102 

How Do I Use Call Numbers?

The Call Number tells you where the book may be found on the shelves. In our Library, Call Numbers that start A-N are on the Second Floor while those starting P-Z are on the Third Floor.


First locate the range of books with the first two letters of the Call Number then the whole number that follows.

For instance, the book Troublesome Border by Oscar J. Martinez has the call number:F786.M4

To locate this book, you would first find the range of books that start with the letter F.

Next, look for the books with the whole number 786 after the F.

After that, look for the books with .M4 after F786.

Finally, follow any remaining letters and numbers in the Call Number until you have the exact book you want.