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IDEAS: Faculty Learning Community: Assigning Research

Best Research Assignment

Choose the most appropriate assignment for the first part of a scaffolded research project.

Best Research Assignment
Write a 6-page paper on gun control.: 1 votes (16.67%)
In no more than five pages explore the argument that gun control will lessen crime.: 0 votes (0%)
Read the attached articles and write a brief overview of the positions taken on gun control.: 5 votes (83.33%)
Total Votes: 6

Scaffolding Research Assignments

Bizup's BEAM

Functions of Sources

B: Background: A source for context 

      Sources- Gale Virtual Reference Library; Opposing Viewpoints; Points of View    

E: Exhibits or Evidence: A literary text or results of a survey, interviews

      Sources- Online catalog, statistical sources

 A: Argument Sources: Critical analysis

      Sources- Academic Search Complete, Literature Resource Center, Search All 

M: Method or Theory Sources: Specific references to critical theories

      Sources - Peer-reviewed journal articles, books