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IDEAS: Faculty Learning Community: Art and Film Databases



The ARTstor Digital Library is a nonprofit resource that provides over 1.5 million digital images.

Faculty and students can create folders, collections and  presentations.

Creating an ARTstor Account

You do NOT need to register for an account in order to use the ARTstor database. However, in order to download images, creating image groups and exporting them into PowerPoint, you must register for an account. Learn about more registration features at

Films On Demand

Films on Demand is a state-of-the art streaming video platform with over 7,000 videos from Films for the Sciences and Humanities, Cambridge Videos, TED, CNBC and other outstanding educational film sources.

Creating a Films On Demand Personal Accoutn

You do not need a personal account to use Films On Demand.  Creating an account allows you to save favorites, create playlists and generate playlist URLs.