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ART 103: Prof. Guest's Patronage Project: Getting Started

The Met

Artwork of the Day from The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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Getting Started

The Patronage Project requires you to imagine commissioning any work of art from the 17th century to mid 19th century. Since you are able to pick any work of art during this period- pick one that inspires you. Research is a lot easier when the subject is one you find interesting. You are limited only by your imagination!


 You may want to look through your textbook or a book from the "Books/Videos" tab above for some ideas. You can also use the link below to view some additional art images that may help stimulate ideas. (Please do not feel obligated to choose one of these images or artists, they are just examples.) Once you have decided upon an artist or work of art, you are ready to begin your research!

(Please note: Users clicking this link must be within an authorized IP range to view the images, such as on-campus, or have a registered ARTstor user account. For instructions on creating an ARTstor account, use the "creating personal accounts in databases" tab above.)