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Psychology 203 Information Management Assignment: Step One: Select and Narrow a Topic

1. Select a Topic

Go to the APA website. (Link below)

Click on the "Psychology Topics"  tab.

Select a topic.

2. Locate Information from the APA

Click on the topic you have selected.

Review one item that APA provides from the "News" or "Monitor Psychology" sections.

As you review your material from APA, look for key words or phrases related to your topic. You will use these for more research.  Write them down on your assignment sheet.

3. Summarize/Create Research Question

Summarize the news article or Monitor on Psychology material you selected. Recognize the narrower topics covered. 





Summary of the article. 


Create your own research question.  

Use the format of "How does X affect Y? For example,

"How does advertising affect body image?"