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ENG 101: Prof. Payne's Classes: Essay 1 Topic: Education

What's a Thesis Statement?

A thesis is a single sentence that summarizes your topic and clearly states your position on it. 


Essay 1: 
Topic: Problems with Education in America Today—and Possible Solutions

 Based on your reading, you must narrow the topic to a specific thesis: a claim you can make, or a stand you can take on the debate regarding one specific problem in education, as well as a possible solution to the problem you want to address.
            Here are some possible questions to address. You may come up with others on your own.
            1)         What is the real purpose of a college education? Should it be geared toward specific job training or is there something else that college should provide? If so, what is that “something”? Are colleges in fact providing what students need?
            2)         Do most high schools adequately prepare students for college? If not, why not—and what can be done to improve how well students are prepared for college?
            3)         Are K-12 “common core” standards beneficial or are there significant problems with them? If they’re beneficial, what are the objections to them? If there are problems with them, what are the problems and how can those problems addressed?