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LibGuides @NCC: Getting Started: Review/Publish

Almost There

Once you have added all of your content and are ready to publish, there are still a few more steps -- outlined on this page -- that you need to take.

Once these steps are completed, your guide will be published and will be listed on the main LibGuides @ NCC page.

Of course, you can continue to make changes to the guide after it is published.

Reviewing and Publishing Your Guide

Reviewing your guide:

  • To see what your guide will look like when published, click on Preview on the yellow command bar at the top of the page. The preview page will open in a new window.

Getting feedback:

  • When you are ready for others to review your guide:
    • Change the status from Unpublished to Private.
      • Click on Status on the command bar.
      • Select Change Guide Status.
      • Select Change to Private from the status drop-down menu (the bottom menu in the box).
      • Click on Save Status.
    • Send a request for feedback, with the URL, to me or a colleague on the Library Curriculum Committee. (Make sure the URL has "...content.php..." in it, not "..."aecontent.php..."; the aecontent is the edit mode.)

Publishing your guide:

  • At the end of the feedback period and after you've made any changes, you can publish the guide.
    • Give it a "friendly URL."
      • Click on Status on the command bar
      • Select Change Guide Status.
      • Enter a single word or words running together in the top box. (It will be appended to as the friendly URL for the guide. (i.e.
      • Assign the guide to a subject catetgory. (Also done by clicking on Change Guide Status.)
    • Change the status from Private to Published.
    • Optional: Add tags (under Guide Options at the top right). (Do not add tags until you are ready to publish.)
    • Send a message to the LibGuides Administrator that the new guide has been created.