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LibGuides @NCC: Getting Started: Adding Images from the Web

Adding Images from the Web

  1. In the text editor, go to the place in a text box that you want the image to appear and click on the image icon (picture of a tree).
  2. Enter the URL of the image where it says "Image URL." For Flickr images, see the box to the right.

    • To get the URL of an image on the Web, right-click on the image.  In Firefox, you can then click on "Copy image location" to grab it for pasting into LibGuides.  In Internet Explorer, click on "Properties" and highlight and copy the URL.
  3. Depending on how you want to align the image, you can then either leave the alignment at "Not Set" or change it.  (See Aligning Images & Text for more information.)
  4. Remember that an image you link to from the Web may not stay there forever. 


Embedding Images from Flickr

You can use their embed code to embed the image (with appropriate link back to flickr) in a Rich Text box or the rich text portion of any other box.

  1. HTML/BBCode in flickr.Go to the image you'd like to use in flickr.
  2. Click the Share this button just above the image.
  3. Click the Grab the HTML/BBCode option & copy the code in the box.
  4. Go to the guide/page where you want to add the image.
  5. Click the add text or edit text link in a rich text box (or the top portion of any other box type).
  6. Click the Plain Text Editor tab toward the top of the editing box.
  7. Paste the code from flickr wherever you want the image to appear.
  8. Click Save and Close.

Using Advanced Flickr to Find Images

Need an image but don't know where to find one that you can use legally? Thi8s video explains how to use the advanced Flickr search to locate images that have creative commons licenses that allow reuse with attribution only.