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LibGuides @NCC: Getting Started: 6. Other Content Boxes

About Other Content Boxes

The box types demonstrated on this page are less frequently used at BC. (In fact, some have never been used.)

Feel free to experiment with them and show the rest of us the way.

There are several other types that will be added here later.

Documents & Files

A Documents/Files content box enables you to upload any number of files to your page. Individual files cannot be larger than 5MB each. Each file can have a short description (255 characters).

Interactive Poll

An Interactive Poll box enables you to create a poll on your page. Create a question and enter up to 7 choices for your poll. Each poll choice can have an associated URL.

Which of the following would you most like to see more of in the Media Center in O'Neill Library?

Interactive Poll
Current TV Shows: 0 votes (0%)
TV Shows No Longer on the Air: 0 votes (0%)
Recent Movies: 0 votes (0%)
Classic Movies: 0 votes (0%)
Documentary Films: 0 votes (0%)
Music Videos: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 0

Podcast Feed

Podcast Feed boxes provides links to the latest episodes of podcasts that you select.

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