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Nutrition Research for NTR 195 & 198 classes: APA General Guidelines

General Guidelines

General Guidelines for the Body of your Paper


Font:        Times New Roman or any legible font
Font Size:             12 pt.
Margins: 1 inch top, bottom and sides
Page Numbers: Upper right corner
Your Name: Immediately before the page number
Title Page: Separate title page

Title Page

The title page should have these items:

  • Title
  • Running head ( shortened title placed at the top of each page)
  • Author's name
  • Author affiliation (Nassau Community College)

Your professor may require more information- ask!

Sample Title Page 

Running Head: OBESITY AMONG CHILDREN                                                                                                            1

Obesity: A Growing Threat Among Children

Anna Williams

Nassau Community College



University of Maryland, Baltimore Writing Center

The Writing Center @ NCC

The NCC Writing Center, part of the English Department, will help you with your papers.

The Writing Center is located in Bradley Hall.

The Satellite Writing Center is located on the second floor of the Library.